It's like going to a concert where someone just plugged in their iPod Shuffle.

DJ Roomba

Finally, a new AI assistant can take all of the stressful guesswork out of DJing a set.

Called "DJUCED," the AI algorithm can automatically select songs to put together a fun, dance-oriented playlist for DJs who have too much stage fright to, you know, pick songs. The algorithm, built by software company Hercules, seems like the perfect example of AI assistants being developed for every possible task because they can be, not because they should.

Plug And Play

DJUCED is based on a mix of "scientific literature and DJ common sense" that Hercules' development team used to determine which qualities of songs made them best fit together in a tracklist.

"When we looked at the history of DJing, we realized that beat matching was the first technique you need to master if you want to be able to mix properly," DJ and Hercules designer Victorien Bourreau said in a press release. Bourreau went on to explain that DJUCED selects songs that also have a similar speed, rhythm, and tonality.

Fully Automated

Futurism reached out to Hercules to find out what, if anything, is left for the actual DJ to do during the show. Do they have to press play on the songs DJUCED selects? Can they just take a breather and let the ADJUCED is meant to be a guiding resource, the company says, for new DJs who "are still making all [their] own choices," Bourreau said in the press release. Can they just take a breather and let the AI system handle the show? Does anyone enjoy this?

In response to questions, a company spokesperson said that the AI's recommendations "remain suggestions — it is always up to the DJ to listen to the tracks, know the audience, and find a perfect fit between the two."

But given that a DJ's singular job is to, um, select and mix songs, it remains unclear what those choices actually are.

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