Did we mention that Elon Musk is deepfaked in, too — albeit as a less grotesque character?


An impressive new deepfake inserts Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and SpaceX founder Elon Musk into the 1965 pilot episode of storied sci-fi series "Star Trek."

Warning: The clip may haunt you — especially Bezos' veiny head as a fictional Talosian alien.


Tech Demo

The clip is another example of a fun deepfake — but experts have long fretted over the potential for misusing the tech, which uses a neural network to insert one person's likeness into a video of another person.

One major criticism is deepfakes' use in nonconsensual pornography, which creeps often use to slot celebrities' likenesses into erotic videos.

The other primary concern about deepfakes is that they could be used to spread disinformation, by making it seem as though a public figure said something they'd never actually said — though, for the most part, that second concern has remained theoretical.

WATCH MORE: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Star Trek Deepfake [YouTube]

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