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Romance is Dead

Cursed New Apps Use AI to Tell You What to Say on Tinder

byMaggie Harrison Dupré
4.30.23, 10:25 AM EDT
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The apps just got a little bit worse.


We've officially entered a new circle of online dating hell.

Meet Rizz, which according to its App Store profile is an AI-powered "dating assistant" that tells Tinder, Hinge, and otherwise dating app users what to say to their online matches. It connects directly to a user's keyboard for easy access, and once installed, all you really have to do is start swiping right — then, from there, just let the bot dictate your every word.

Cool. We hate it here.

"There's some amount of mental work and barrier to thinking of how to compose a message," Coyne Lloyd, a 35-year-old tech investor and Rizz user, told The Washington Post. "It's like getting started on a term paper."

If you're depressed at the comparison of dating other humans to writing term papers: same.

Sim City

And Rizz isn't the only app like this out there. As WaPo notes, a few other apps, including one called, are currently on the market, while a number of dating app scoundrels have taken to the internet in recent months to tout the supposed dating app prowess of ChatGPT.

"This past summer, I got really tired of sifting through and trying to come up with responses on dating apps," founder Dmitri Mirakyan told WaPo. "So I tried to see if GPT3 could flirt. It turns out it could. A month later, I built the first version [of the platform]."

Mirakyan's interest in an app like his, however, seems to go deeper than Lloyd's term paper comparison. Speaking to WaPo, he explained that he's always had a difficult time reading social cues — a dating stressor that a tool like helps to alleviate.

"There's such a gap currently," he told the newspaper, "in what people like myself want to communicate and how it comes across."

That's sympathetic, in a sense, and we could see how AI assistance might benefit folks who have a tough time socially.

At the same time, however, balance is definitely still needed here. Romance is one of the most human things out there, and the digital dating world is robotic enough as it is. Do we really want everyone on the apps just passing AI-generated quips and complements back and forth for eternity? That's starting to sound like The Sims — and as humans, maybe we should shoot a little higher.

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