No one’s listening to them — so they want to make a huge scene.

Climate Walkout

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Scientists say that climate change is destroying the world, and we need to do something about it. 

If you’re sick of hearing about the destruction humans have caused on the Earth, imagine how tired researchers are of telling everyone about it. That’s why a group of climate scientists are considering alternative options for sounding the alarm — including a mass walkout. 

"We’ve had 26 Conference of the Parties meetings, for heaven’s sake," Bruce C. Glavovic, a researcher at the University of New Zealand, told The New York Times in reference to the United Nations’ global warming summits. "I mean, seriously, what difference is that going to make?"

That’s why Glavovic and two colleagues published a paper in the journal Climate and Development last year calling on climate scientists to halt their research until the world’s nations take serious action against climate change. They say a strike might help the world renegotiate "the broken science-society contract."

Supernova of Stupid

The call was met with plenty of backlash from the scientific community, with one UN climate scientist dubbing it a "supernova of stupid." 

However, there’s no doubt that despite the mountain of scientific evidence, climate summits, and environmental reports, world leaders still seem hesitant to enact the radical policy change needed to stop climate disaster. 

At some point, scientists may well need to reassess their messaging tactics — and that might mean getting radical. 

"Our first recognition must be that that doesn’t seem to work," Wolfgang Cramer, an author of the latest UN climate change report, told the NYT. "That doesn’t seem to be enough."

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