It's 2019, so in this horror movie your smart home gadgets are trying to kill you.

Child's Play

The killer creepy doll Chucky — evil villain of the "Child's Play" slasher film series from the 80s — is back in a brand new movie set to drop in June. And today a new trailer gives a glimpse at the latest entry of the series, which'll star Aubrey Plaza and the voice of Mark Hamill.

The 2019 twist: this time, the doll is haunting its prey through a smart home system called "Buddi" — smartphone app and all.

"Hey Google, Haunt My Neighbors"

Chucky's shenanigans won't be limited to saying "Alexa, turn off the lights." Channeling our collective anxiety about digital security — remember Alexa's inexplicable creepy laughter? — it looks like Chucky will be able to hunt his victims with a lawnmower, smart thermostat, and even a drone.

It's a timely riff on a timeless horror franchise. After all, who hasn't nervously glanced at their smart home device randomly lighting up in the middle of the night?

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