What's going on at Boeing?!

Fire in the Sky

Residents in Florida saw a terrifying sight Thursday night when a Boeing 747 cargo plane caught fire during its flight, ABC News reports.

The troubling incident occurred a little bit before 10:30pm when the flight crew of the jet, operated by Atlas Air, reported an engine malfunction.

A video shows flames shooting from the plane, which had left Miami International Airport. The plane had five people on board and safely landed when the fire started soon after taking off.

There were no reported injuries, but Federal Aviation Administration investigators found a "softball size hole" near one of the engines — the latest in a list of serious woes for aviation company Boeing.

Big Problems

The incident highlights safety questions swirling around Boeing, which kickstarted in early January when a door plug blew off a Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet that had taken off from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California.

The accident forced federal officials to ground 171 Boeing commercial airliners as part of an investigation.

In another incident about a week ago, a Boeing 737-800 in Japan was forced to turn around after the flight crew discovered a crack in the cockpit window mid-flight.

Besides these two incidents, critics have raised the specter of two fatal crashes several years ago that killed 346 people total on Boeing 737 Max planes.

In recent days, critics have been sharply questioning Boeing's safety culture and quality control — and this latest incident with a plane on fire should probably add even more questions.

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