We've seen flying car designs before, but the Aska might just be the most bizarre yet.

Turning Heads

On Friday, CNET published an exclusive first look at startup New Future Transportation's flying car, and it is wild.

In driving mode, the Aska looks something like what might happen if the Batmobile and a Delorean had a baby. But when it's time to fly, the car gets even weirder — by unfolding the massive wings stored on its roof until they reach a wingspan of nearly 40 feet.

Last Mile

New Future chief executive Maki Kaplinsky told CNET the Aska will be capable of carrying three passengers, who will just need to find an open area about the size of a few parking spaces when they're ready to transition from driving to flying mode.

After the car extends its wings, it'll take off vertically, and its autonomous system will ferry the passengers a distance of up to 150 miles. After that, it'll land so they can resume driving to their destination.

Your Next Car

New Future expects to begin test-flying the craft by the first quarter of 2020, with a goal of starting sales in 2025. The initial cost will be around $200,000, but it hopes to eventually bring that down to $50,000.

"We are not building something for rich people," company chairman Guy Kaplinsky told CNET. "We are building something that everyone will be able to afford."

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