That's the third parked Model S to go up in flames in less than a month.

Parking Problem

On April 21, a Tesla Model S burst into flames in a Shanghai parking garage. Less than two weeks later, one of the vehicles caught fire in a San Francisco parking garage.

Now, Hong Kong-based newspaper Apple Daily is reporting yet another Tesla fire, and once again the vehicle was parked at the time of ignition — a disturbing series of events for which Tesla appears to have no answer.

Hot Seat

According to Reuters, this Tesla fire started about 30 minutes after the vehicle's owner parked the car in Hong Kong's San Po Kong district on May 12.

Firefighters spent 45 minutes putting out the blaze, and CCTV footage reportedly captured three explosions, though Reuters wasn't able to obtain that footage.

Tesla declined Reuters' request for comment, and it hadn't responded to Futurism's request by the time of publishing.

Frequent Fire

These fires aren't the first involving Tesla's vehicles. Others have caught fire following crashes — sometimes almost immediately after impact and sometimes not until hours later — and Teslas have also caught fire while charging.

But these latest incidents involved cars that were parked and not charging, making the fires particularly noteworthy — and particularly troubling.

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