They claim to sterilize it between clients.

Sex Robot

Alien Cathouse, a UFO-themed brothel in Nevada, just bought a sex robot for clients who want to have a sci-fi inspired romp.

The brothel's management wouldn't disclose which type of robot they were purchasing to the tabloid Daily Star, but did say that it would have artificial intelligence capabilities and would allow the brothel to cater to customers with fetishes that don't interest the human sex workers who work there. The high-tech upgrade is a bit of a bizarre novelty — what alien-themed sex robot wouldn't be? — but it's also sign that sex robots are slowly becoming mainstream.

The Future Is Coming

Sex workers at Alien Cathouse who spoke to Daily Star had mixed reactions to the news, which is coupled with the debut of "teledildonics" services for remote clientele.

"As an honest-to-goodness, flesh-and-blood, cougar-ific cuddle queen I am very excited about the addition of sex-bot playtime and remote interaction options at the brothel," Cathouse employee Stella Renée told Daily Star. "Expanding our technological and social stiletto-print is imperative. Adapt or die!"

Just Another Thing

Other sex workers, like Cathouse employee Lisa Grace, were more ambivalent about the incoming technology and saw it as just another tool.

"I'm not really bothered by it. Sex toys have been around for centuries. Most customers come in for the human interaction."

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