"Thanks for the nightmares."

Tooth Fairy

No, they aren't demons from hell disguising themselves as human college students at a 90s-era house party.

Instead, these unnerving party pics were dreamed up by AI image generator Midjourney — and the longer you stare at them, the more otherworldly they appear.

Developer Miles Zimmerman first shared the now-viral images on Twitter over the weekend, a goosebumps-inducing demonstration of how far these tools have come.

"Midjourney is getting crazy powerful — none of these are real photos, and none of the people in them exist," Zimmerman wrote.

Nine Fingers

Several images show partygoers holding up what appear to be obsolete pieces of alien machinery — likely Midjourney's algorithm attempting to render images of point-and-shoot or Polaroid cameras.

The images also highlight how tools like Midjourney struggle to render believable images of human hands. One image shows a woman's hand with upwards of nine fingers, furthering the sense that the revelry is emanating from a cursed parallel dimension. Another shows a disembodied hand floating in midair.

"Something seems off but I can’t quite put my fingerssssssssss on it," one user quipped.

On the other hand, the shortcoming could allow us to tell images generated by an AI apart from real ones.

"Pretty soon, the only way to tell will be to count the fingers," one user chimed in. "Five and it’s real, six it’s questionable, seven and it’s definitely AI-generated."

There are also some very strange things going on with the teeth.

AI Bias

In short, the images are seriously creepy and will likely keep us up tonight.

"I think I figured it out — the trick is updating your prompt to assert that god is dead, we killed him, and thus we alone are responsible for the twisted creations brought forth from our minds," Zimmerman concluded.

"Thanks for the nightmares," one user replied.

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