Oh, and he's 69 years old.


A video uploaded on Wednesday by Tidewater Community College sophomore student Erica Church shows her physics professor, David Wright, jovially pull off some amazing science tricks in class, including lying on a bed of nails and jumping around on a pogo stick.

A fun detail: he's 69 years old.

The video quickly went viral and has been retweeted over 300,000 times. Over 12 million people have seen it so far, and it even got shared by Good Morning America.


Wright sounds like a source of boundless enthusiasm.

"The world is a wondrous place and it’s all understandable with mathematics and physics," Wright told Good Morning America. "I hope that’s what students take away."

His key belief: physics should be fun.

"I figure if I’m not having fun teaching the course they’re not going to have any fun either," Wright told the talk show. "You should be really passionate in what you’re doing and I hope I serve as an example of that."

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