In Brief
Tesla Model 3s are equipped with driver-facing cameras, which are inactive for now. When later software updates activate them, they will be part of the Autopilot system and may enable autonomous driving at Level 3 β€” or maybe even higher.

Driver-Facing Cameras

On August 1, Jason Hughes, Twitter user @wk057, asked the internet if anyone else noticed that Model 3s appear to be equipped with driver-facing cameras. He then confirmed with sources that it’s a camera.

Later in the day, Electrek reported on the camera, after confirming with Tesla that the camera is there but inactive, and will only go active after future software updates. They also reported that the camera is not only focused on the driver but on the cabin as a whole. They speculate that this feature could become useful for Tesla’s future (hopeful) ride-sharing network. It could also prove to be a valuable safety feature, depending on how it is implemented. But, of course, there still exists the privacy issue of having cameras connected to a larger network situated inside of your private property staring right at you.