Tesla's Autopilot feature is certainly far from perfect. But it's currently the most popular shot out there for actual automated driving. So to improve Autopilot, Tesla is taking the humble route: it is willing to share data with the government and other companies in order to reach Level 4 autonomy in vehicles.

Electrek reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offered the US Department of Transportation its 780 million miles worth of Autopilot data, representing 70,000+ Autopilot-equipped Tesla Model S and Model Xs on the road. This is all to speed up regulatory approvals of fully autonomous vehicles.

Level 4 autonomy represents the pinnacle of self-driving technology: it's the level where you merely have to tell the vehicle where you want to go and the vehicle will take you there, no other input required. In other words, a fully-functioning self-driving car.

No company has yet produced a Level 4 autonomy vehicle, but speculation regarding a supposed "big announcement" by Tesla at the end of 2017 has many wondering whether the automotive technology pioneer has finally achieved this milestone.

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