Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk is determined to separate his electric car manufacturing company from recent news of Tesla autopilot crashes. While Tesla had some major setbacks last year, the company has since improved their Autopilot software system, hitting a 40 percent reduction in crashes. With the rollout of this improved Autopilot system, progress is already in motion.

Musk wants to push advancements even further. As Tesla works on achieving Level 4 automation, Tesla will continually improve the Autopilot system, and Musk has set a goal of a 90 percent reduction in crashes by the time the software fully matures.

This might seem like an ambitious goal, but it is a necessary step in order for Tesla to move away from the shadow cast by the fatal May 2016 crash. It is also necessary to convince those who still doubt how capable autonomous vehicles are of making roads safer and saving lives. With the fast approaching launch of Tesla's Model 3, this has become even more necessary. As autonomous vehicles become more and more accessible, it is promising and essential thatTesla put its best foot forward.

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