When we hear about a networked society, we often think of huge concepts such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, or even Etherium. But what is often forgotten are the little things that make our life easier and more convenient.

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free web-based service quietly gaining popularity, and it just got affirmed by another major industry player. Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket, just unveiled a team-up with IFTTT to make shopping a little bit easier.

IFTTT works by having chains of conditional statements, called "recipes," respond to changes in other web services such as Facebook or Twitter. For example, a "recipe" could be that "If I add a new contact in my phone, then add the number to a Spreadsheet."

Tesco just announced two new "recipes" and an action on IFTTT. Using the service, you can now automatically add an item to your shopping cart if the price of the item changes or drops below a certain point. Also, you can chain any of the triggers so that it adds an item to the cart.

To use the service, you simply need to add the Tesco channel on your IFTTT account. You will need to sign in to the Tesco Groceries account to prove your identity.

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