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Floored Apes
Updated 1.28.23, 10:33 AM EST on the byte
Yuga Labs Says Its Bored Apes Are Absolutely Copyrighted, Thank You Very Much
Cracking Eggs
Updated 1.6.23, 1:06 PM EST on futurism
Logan Paul Says His NFT Game Isn't a Scam, He Just Hired Scammers to Build It and They Did Some Scamming
Man of the People
Updated 12.20.22, 2:51 PM EST on the byte
It Turns Out Trump's Wretched NFTs Were Plagiarized
Updated 12.16.22, 10:27 AM EST on futurism
Donald Trump's NFT Collection Is So Fantastically Ugly That Even His Biggest Fans Are Aghast
Crying in Jimmy F...
Updated 12.12.22, 7:18 PM EST on the byte
Huge List of Celebs Accused of Taking Secret Payments to Shill Bored Apes
Rest in Punks
12.3.22, 1:39 PM EST on the byte
The Ultimate Sign That NFTs Are Uncool: Museums Are Now Embracing Them
NFT Crash
Updated 11.18.22, 9:43 AM EST on the byte
Celebrities' Bored Apes Are Hilariously Worthless Now
Fahrenheit 4 NFTs
Updated 11.8.22, 4:59 PM EST on the byte
Blockchain Guy Sets Priceless Drawing on Fire to Mint 10,000 NFTs, Only Sells Four
11.8.22, 11:32 AM EST on futurism
NFT Marketplaces Say Oops, Paying Royalties to Artists Is Optional Now
New Kid on the Block
Updated 10.29.22, 10:27 AM EDT on futurism
The Latest Idea to Make People Actually Buy NFTs: Throw in a House
Nift This
10.28.22, 3:30 PM EDT on the byte
Twitter Quietly Announced NFT-Trading Integration During Elon Musk's Takeover
We're in Hell
10.25.22, 4:36 PM EDT on the byte
Developers are Transforming the Fyre Fest Island Into an Exclusive Colony for Crypto Millionaires, Because of Course They Are