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Tesla Employee Who Loved Elon Musk Reportedly Killed by Full Self-Driving
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Tesla Driver Says He's Not Sure If He Killed a Pedestrian Because He Was on Autopilot
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Elon Musk Melts Down in Baffling Answer on Tesla Supercomputer
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Tesla Full Self-Driving Helpless When Cameras Fog Up in Cold Weather
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9.2.23, 8:00 AM EDT on the byte
Man Perturbed When Self-Driving Tesla Tries to Kill Him on the Highway
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Tesla in Trouble Over "Elon Mode" That Turns Off Autopilot Safety Features
Elon Take the Wheel
8.29.23, 10:06 AM EDT on futurism
Elon Musk Shows Off FSD, Forced to Intervene When It Tries to Drive Through Red Light
Autopilot Slam
Updated 8.9.23, 9:53 AM EDT on the byte
Brutal Dashcam Footage Shows Tesla on Autopilot Smashing Into Police
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7.10.23, 5:06 PM EDT on the byte
Reckless Tesla Drivers Are Using Cheap Weights to Fool Their Cars Into Thinking They’re Paying Attention
Bad Habit
7.7.23, 12:05 PM EDT on the byte
Elon Musk Promises for the Millionth Time That Tesla Will Achieve Full Self-Driving Soon