It’s Official. Cooling to Absolute Zero Is Mathematically Impossible

The coolest law of thermodynamics has been confirmed.

March 19, 2017

Scientists Have Found a Way to Reverse the Signs of Aging

And it’s something you might already be doing.

March 8, 2017

Could We Be Outgrowing the Scientific Method?

Evidence used to mean everything in science, but is it really necessary?

February 17, 2017

Scientists Are Rallying and Marching on Washington

Should science mix with politics?

February 3, 2017

The Next Generation of Particle Accelerators is Leading to a New Kind of Physics

A better beam to fight cancer.

January 30, 2017

Apple Opens Up: Read the Company’s First Paper on Artificial Intelligence

A landmark move from a company known for its secrecy.

December 29, 2016

Money & Science: How Do We Ensure Research Isn’t Being Influenced by Outside Factors?

External factors are influencing scientists to announce shoddy and unreliable discoveries.

December 24, 2016

An Interview with the White House: The Future of 5G Internet and What It Means for You

An age of the Internet that just may revolutionize how we see the world today.

July 18, 2016

Scientists Were Just Given the Go-Ahead to Genetically Modify Human Embryos

For the first time, a regulatory committee has given scientists approval to use gene-editing technology to human embryos.

February 1, 2016

AI Uses Photos to Predict How Humans Will See One Another

Scientists have made a machine that is able to use images to recognize (and predict) how humans will interpret other's psychological attributes.

December 15, 2015
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