If you have a backyard, and a few friends and family members who love film, you’re very close to throwing a memorable summer outdoor movie night. With projectors becoming more popular and affordable, you can gather your pals for a movie screening from the comforts of a grassy lawn. It’s a perfect way to soak in that summer breeze and throw a memorable little shindig. Here’s everything you need to make your summer outdoor movie night truly perfect.

VANKYO Leisure 510T 720P Projector


Key Selling Point: User-friendly projection at an affordable price.

The most important thing to make sure summer outdoor movie night goes off without a hitch is a good projector. VANKYO Performance is easy to use, portable, and offers full 720p picture quality. All you need is to point it at the side of your house, or, if you’d prefer, an outdoor-friendly projection screen. VANKYO lets you show videos from your phone, PC, iPad, and other devices and has two HDMI inputs to hook up a streaming stick or game console. It also comes with two built-in speakers for cinematic sound in the comfort of your backyard.

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler


Key Selling Point: Built like a tank, and twice as versatile.

Everyone from junior to grandma has their go-to theater beverage of choice and the YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler will keep them frosty. It’s far more powerful than a disposable styrofoam cooler, and could easily last you a lifetime with proper care. This cooler glides effortlessly on all surfaces including thick grass and sand, making it perfect for all summer social outings. Its durable and with its wide array of accessories and seven-day ice-retention capabilities, it may be the most versatile cooler ever made.

Portal Zero Gravity Chair Patio Lounge Recliner 


Key Selling Point: The comforts of your favorite living room recliner made for the great outdoors.

Watching movies indoors is usually best done from the comfort of a leather recliner. Summer outdoor movie nights require a slimmer approach that offers the same level of coziness, like the Portal Folding Zero Gravity Chair. Patio chairs don’t get fancier than this, with a headrest, and a carefully balanced seat that glides into place for the best in ergonomic comfort. TBest of all, there’s a detachable side tray built to park cold beverages and smart devices. It’s the perfect outdoor chair and so inexpensive that you can easily splurge on two or three.

Great Northern Outdoor Popcorn Popper

Great Northern

Key Selling Point: Where’s there’s smoke, there’s popcorn, with this intuitive camping gadget. 

Nothing says movie night quite like some freshly made Jiffy Pop. In the age of microwave popcorn, the niche stovetop kind may smack too much of the “Mad Men” era, but as the kids say, it just “hits better.” The Great Northern Outdoor Popcorn Popper captures this nostalgia and brings it outdoors, where you can pop up to four quarts of fresh popcorn over a campfire, hot coals, or a roaring fire pit. It’s durable enough to take intense heat, while its long handle keeps your hands safe from the flames. Caring for this gadget is easy, and you can break it out anytime there’s an open flame to dazzle friends and annoy enemies. It happens fast, so have plenty of butter and salt ready standing by.

Little Unicorn Midnight Poppy Blanket

Little Unicorn

Key Selling Point: An adorable blanket perfect for kids of all ages that’s built to handle any spill.

While a reclining outdoor chair is good, sometimes you can trigger endorphins by simply being close to the grass. Little Unicorn Midnight Poppy outdoor blankets are perfect for breezy summer night sprawling. The blanket is designed with kids in mind, which means it's virtually spill-free, in case you accidentally spill an icy Coke Zero Sugar during a particular heart-racing scene. The blanket folds perfectly into itself and comes with a convenient carrying strap so you can take it with you everywhere, from your backyard lawn to a sandy beach, or even a cozy campground. Despite its summery aesthetics, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use year-round.

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