Millenials, or those aged from 18 to 34, are often saddled with a lot of unfair and unnecessary blame. Thanks to a new Nielson report, they just got some ammunition against those who'd scold them for being glued to social media. According to the report, Generation Xers, or those between the ages of 35 to 49 spend more time on social media than their younger peers. The numbers boiled down to an average of 6 hours 58 minutes a week on social media networks for Gen X, compared to 6 hours 19 minutes for the Millenials.

Regardless of who is using Facebook a few more minutes a day, it is clear that the noses of either demographic are too often stuck in front of a screen. Smartphones should enhance our lives, not dictate who we talk to, what we devote attention to, and monopolize how we interact with the world.

The Time Well Spent movement was formed to make people more conscious of how large a part social media is playing in their lives. The tenents of the movement are to "Live better with more empowering settings for our media and devices.; change incentives so media competes to improve our lives, not get eyeballs," and to "invent new interfaces that help us to make room for what matters."

So whether you're a Millenial, Gen Xer, Boomer, or otherwise, we should all work to allow our devices to enhance our lives.

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