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The complexities of crytocurrencies can be confusing to even the most seasoned digital trader. And while experts agree that the best way to comprehend the system is to use it, it's wise to do some preliminary safety research, so that you're not vulnerable when you step into the market place. Before you consider mining or exchanging cash for alt coins, it's important to familiarize yourself with the terminology, risks and potential rewards.

Bitcoins Are The New Credit Cards?

Crytocurrencies are becoming a recognizable and trusted form of currency, accepted by major companies like Microsoft, Expedia, Paypal and even Starbucks. So taking the time to lean about them is like giving yourself a very necessary and modern education in economics. It's entirely possible that within 10 years, the Bitcoin will become as common and identifiable as the credit card. While the credit card was a slow evolution, staring all the way back in the 1860s when the first charge coins were issued by department stores, it's now a ubiquitous form of currency that over 1.3 billion people rely on, globally. So just because Bitcoins might not be as common as cash, it doesn't mean that they won't soon be.

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Modern Economics 101

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