Sentient AI in Online Shopping

The world's most-funded artificial intelligence company Sentient Technologies has created a new online shopping product - an intelligent system that engages the user in a "real-time dialogue" with a virtual shop assistant while they're browsing through sites like Amazon of Asos. Chief executive Antoine Blondeau sums it up by saying that their product helps you "find what you want, without having to Google it." The demo video shows how the system adapts and figures out the user's intent as they browse through products in a certain site, and just like Sentient AI's other products, it essentially acts a "machine learning algorithm on steroids." These algorithms are already working on an unprecedented scale by using two million CPU cores and 5000 GPU cards on idle computers in 4000 sites all over the world. Their first retail partnership is with

Applications in Other Fields

The company claims that their machine learning algorithm doesn't simply find patterns in data, but rather it aggregates all the information and uses it to make "real-world decisions." The technology was first applied in financial trading where they created an AI trader made out of "trillions of software agents" that compete with each other. The AI trader didn't need human intervention at all, as it was able to autonomously set up a strategy and pick assets on its own. When it comes to healthcare, the company has actually already created an AI nurse that can detect sepsis infections 30 minutes faster than comparable methods by collecting patients' blood pressure data.

Check out the video of Founder Antoine Blondeau on Bloomberg below.

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