Streaming services have democratized television, yet often consumers can find themselves fighting to get the access they pay for. Whether you're traveling and find yourself cut off due to a "geofence," or simply find yourself struggling to get at your content directly, HotSpot Shield. the world's fastest VPN can help you get your binging back. A 3-year subscription is now on sale for just $89.99 (reg. $467).

Strong Protection

Virtual private networks are built on protecting your data by providing an extra layer between you and the rest of the internet. Instead of connecting directly, you connect through a VPN server of your choice. This disguises your traffic, your location, and other data you'd prefer not to share.

HotSpot Shield offers more than 32,000 servers in 80 countries, with more than 115 virtual locations for extra privacy. All traffic is protected with 256-bit AES encryption, as well as a zero-logging policy and three tested VPN protocols to choose from. This not only guards your privacy, but it also makes it harder for your ISP to track what streaming services you use and "throttle," or reduce bandwidth speeds, whenever they want.

Speedy Access

Beyond security, HotSpot Shield also offers speed, with connections of up to 1Gbps and no data limits, ever. It's been praised by TechRadar and PCMag for speed, and in 2019, won World's Fastest VPN at the OOKLA® Speedtest Awards, beating out competitors in both local and international speed tests.

To go with those fast connections, it has a streaming mode perfect for your binge-watching, and a gaming mode that lets you fire up a round whenever and wherever. Anti-phishing tools and a kill switch help protect you against more aggressive threats to your personal data. So whether you're on the go, or just tired of slower speeds, it's easy to connect and kickback.

Get the HotSpot Shield VPN Premium: 3-Year Subscription for $89.99 (reg. $467).

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