Most of the amazingly beautiful videos on this website are the ones regarding space—full of the random explosions, bright lights and fireworks that frequently characterize that energetic realm.

But while nobody is complaining about explosions, bright lights and fireworks, it sometimes leaves one hankering for something…"grounded."

Enter this video of the flight of Saab's Gripen fighter:

When asked by Saab Defence and Security to help capture some promotional footage of its Gripen fighter jet, Swedish-based company Blue Sky pulled out all the stops. It made a custom-built, gyro-stabilized camera system that can ride along at speeds of over 555 km (345 mi) per hour.

The company then paired this with a Red Dragon 6K body, with a Canon 30-300mm zoom lens inside, and placed it all in a Saab 105 training aircraft.

The system was used to shoot promotional footage of the Gripen performing a variety of maneuvers, taken at up to 2.5 Gs, and used at max zoom with seemingly zero camera shake.

The end result? Nothing less than pure jet fighter awesomeness, shot with perfect stability, utterly flawless, and buttery smooth.

Watch…and be amazed!

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