Russia’s Federal Space Agency (a.k.a. Roscosmos)has announced that it intends to send humans to the Moon in 2029 to assist in the creation and maintenance of a lunar station. Head of Roscosmos Energia Vladimir Solntsev says they are already building the mission spacecraft and will conduct its first test launch in 2021. This will be followed by a docking mission to the International Space Station in 2023 and an unmanned mission to the Moon in 2025. It's part of the agency's ultimate goal of creating a lunar station, says Solntsev.

An International Affair

While NASA has been focused on Mars, Roscosmos is joined by the European Space Agency in exploring these lunar missions. The two agencies are currently collaborating on plans to send a lander to the Moon’s southern pole sometime in 2024. There’s also the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program which has sent probes to the Moon amidst plans of establishing the lunar colony.

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