We here at Futurism know that science is cool and do our part to spread that message far and wide. We are certainly not alone in this goal. Some of the biggest supporters of science and all the potential it harnesses are also some of the most famous faces in show business.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard, one of these famous faces, recently spoke on his part in that mission. The acclaimed director of such science-related films as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind recently spoke to CNN about his role in making science more attractive. He said, "This is a time to remind audiences how important science can be, how important it's been to us in the past, and what the possibilities are for the future."

His most recent work, Genius, explores the life of the seminal scientific figure Albert Einstien with big budget Hollywood flair, combined with more down-to-Earth documentary elements that come together into a thoroughly entertaining and educational experience.

Other modern science communicators often use similar tactics of showmanship to explain important scientific topics to a greater audience. Take, for instance, everyone's favorite science guy, Bill Nye, and his show Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix. Additionally, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson often uses pop culture to open up conversations regarding complex scientific principles.

The cult of celebrity is nothing new to our modern era. However, the power that social media and seemingly endless access to content give entertaining science communicators an edge in shaping minds to help usher in a smarter, and more scientific, future.

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