We all know that delivery robots and drones are on the cusp of becoming a part of our everyday lives. Just ask the company that's going to deliver pizza using robots in London.

Starship Technologies, inventor of wheeled delivery bots, announced that it has tied up deals with two of the UK's biggest delivery startups, Just Eat and Pronto. It has also partnered with leading German parcel delivery company Hermes, and German retail giant Metro Group to bring the delivery bots to Düsseldorf, Bern, and Hamburg.

The robots will be operating on a short leash, delivering food to customers within a 5 km (3 mi) radius at a speed of 6.4 kph (4mph). It features an on-board GPS system and various sensors. It even has a movement sensor that sends an alert if it is lifted off the ground. AKA, you can't steal the food delivery robot without getting caught.

When the robot arrives at its destination, the customer has to type in a code sent via mobile app that lets them open the robot's lid to collect their food. But even with all the on-board tech, the bot is cheaper than regular delivery - costing around £1 to transport goods.

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