If you sit at a desk for any length of time during the day, your body will likely be paying for it by the time you punch the clock. Sure, you might be able to mitigate the pain by using one of those goofy exercise balls or worse, a standing desk. But what about the power of sound? No, I don’t mean the healing harmonic stylings of Billy Joel. The Lyric Massager reimagines the way handheld pain relief devices work by using the power of harmonics to ease muscle pain and if you’re lucky, maybe even improve your mood. Here’s our Lyric Massager review.

What is the Lyric Massager?

Beautiful form meets fantastic function. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Specs and Features:
Dimensions: 2 inches L x 8.75 inches W x 4.5 inches H, with stand
Weight: 1.75 pounds, with stand
Therapy Modes: Soothe, Calm, Rest, Energy, Four Corners
Rhythms: Aura, Boost, Center, Flow, Harmony, Range, Vitalize

Designed For Everyone: There’s no need to do any research or to become a certified massage therapist. Lyric is a fantastic self-care companion built for all manner of schedules and lifestyles, complete with a user-friendly touch screen. 

Reimagined Pain Relief: Lyric Massager works alone, or with easy guided modes to safely stimulate muscles and the nervous system to do everything from relieving pain to energizing you to start the day. 

Gorgeous Enough to Show Off: It’s not all function, there’s plenty of form here too, with an attractive and low-profile design that works with just about every single room’s aesthetics. This means that not only will you use it more, but it will always be within arm’s reach. 

Seriously Smart: Because it connects to WiFi, the Lyric Massager gets constant firmware updates so your wellness experience is as optimized as possible.

Lyric Massager Review: Is It Worth It?

Stress relief is only a few seconds away with a user-friendly touch screen. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

There are countless massagers on the market, with some brands practically synonymous with the whole concept. These devices work more or less the same, utilizing a vibrating head that simulates a good deep-tissue massage, depending on how hard these machines go. What sets the Lyric apart from other massagers is that it’s primarily powered by vibroacoustic science. If you’ve ever heard of “pressure points” or “chakra,” this concept isn’t new, but Lyric does its best to tap into it using its many guided therapies. The whole concept sounded a little bit too New Wave-y for my tastes, but as someone over 30 who aches daily for seemingly no reason, I was willing to give the whole concept a shot. 

Lyric Massager comes in a fairly attractive charging base, which also houses four different massaging heads. Once parked in a place, it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at. Luckily, it looks great, so you don’t have to tuck it in a drawer when you’re not using it. A USB-C cord connects to the base, where the device charges once you place it on it. 

Lyric practically melts away stress, and relieves pain. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

In my first foray into using Lyric, I scrolled through the touch screen and selected one of the available therapy modes. As someone who can’t survive the day without a pint of coffee before midday, my eyes immediately went to the “Energy” mode. From there, the touch screen instructed exactly where to put the massager, right on my left collarbone. With a ding, the machine started, and while it was targeting my collarbone, I felt the sensation vibrate from my upper arms to my neck, and even near my forehead. It was a jarring, but not altogether terrible sensation. After both collarbones, Lyric went to work on my inside palms, shins, and finally on the bottom of each foot. This three-minute massage session didn’t provide a caffeine buzz, but it did leave me feeling strangely refreshed. 

Each massage is fully guided and attacks special pressure points on the body depending on what sort of relief you’re looking for. Around bedtime, the “Calm” mode does help center me before I count sheep, especially as someone who stares at a big bright screen most of the day. At the moment, most of the pain I endure regularly is fairly manageable, the usual ravages of time and a lifestyle that includes far more joysticks than situps. My spouse, however, deals with chronic pain daily. At this point, it’s no longer our massager, as much as it is their massager. And while we both use it, the device is parked in their office. Lyric Massager and its vibroacoustic modes haven’t cured my spouse’s chronic pain, on some nights, they do relieve them quite a bit. “Ah, that’s some good gravy,” they usually say, using the Lyric Massager as we enjoy our evening couple’s TV time. No, this massager does not dispense a sauce of any kind, but I assure you, if something is “good gravy,” it’s seriously stellar. 

Whether or not you buy into the literal sound science behind the Lyric Massager, it is one of the most user-friendly self-care devices on the market. Other massagers provide guided modes too, but sometimes make you boot up an app on your phone to see them. Lesser models provide little to no instructions, simply giving you a device and expecting you to simply use it on spots you’d like to press the kinks out of. Barebones, but not always ineffective. Still, the modest miracles Lyric performs when it comes to pain relief make it user-friendly, considering how simple its interface is. For a solid out-of-the-box self-care experience at a reasonable price, Lyric Massager is highly recommended. It also makes a great gift

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