Hardcore gaming and the word “eco-friendly” don’t always go hand in hand. Razer, one of the most ubiquitous gaming lifestyle brands, is looking to change all that, in partnership with Conservation International

Razer recently met the first milestone in its environmental push, saving an astounding one million trees. To celebrate, Razer has released a new hoodie featuring Sneki Snek, the most adorable eco mascot since Smokey the Bear. 

“We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without our passionate community,” said Addie Tan, associate director of business development at Razer. “In fact, our initial goal was to save 100,000 trees, but our community of gamers achieved that in a matter of weeks, and we knew that together we could accomplish so much more. Now that we’ve helped save one million trees, we are excited about what’s coming next as we gear up for our next challenge: to save ten million trees.”

Every Sneki Snek plush sold saves 10 trees. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

These ambitious aims are part of the Razer's decade-long environmental push #GoGreenWithRazer. Razer, along with its community of fans and followers, have helped protect around 4,000 acres of forest. The face of the Razer environmental initiative is Sneki Snek, which funnily enough was born out of a simple doodle made by one of Razer’s designers. Since then, the adorable mascot has ended up on everything from memes to tattoos. He even has his own charming cartoon series, which seeks to educate as well as entertain viewers about environmental challenges threatening the planet. You can also invest in the best solar panels to reduce your impact on the environment. 

In addition to the Sneki Snek plush, Razer recently released a Sneki Snek hoodie, which saves 10 trees with every purchase. This is the latest release in a broad Sneki Snek line of merch which includes fridge magnets, floor rugs, fleece blankets, and more. New items in the Sneki Snek line unlock every time Razer meets a sustainability goal. The next mystery item is revealed at the 1,250,000-tree mark. 

“Protecting nature is one of the most important things we can do to address climate change and support biodiversity,” said Sarah Cragg, partnerships and marketing director, Asia Pacific, at Conservation International. “Razer’s effort is raising awareness of the challenges facing our planet and also providing its community a clear way to take action. We are deeply grateful for the community’s response and excited to take this challenge to the next level.” In the meantime, find yourself some environmentally friendly backup with the best solar generators.

To find out more about Razer’s environmental initiatives, visit Razer’s Sneki Snek portal.

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