While the websites and social media platforms and apps we use constantly reassure us that our data's safe with them, there seem to be relentless data breaches and questionable uses of what should be private data. As we become more mobile, working remotely, and staying in touch via Zoom and other tools, privacy and protection will only become more important.

Fortunately, Nord's now making it easy with 75% off a two-year subscription to its highly-rated VPN and password protection tools, defending you online for just $99.99. So what're these tools, and how do they guard your data?

How A VPN Works

A virtual private network essentially puts a traffic cop between you and the rest of the internet. When you connect to a VPN, you're routing all your traffic directly to its servers and then through to the wider internet. You'd be surprised how many websites, internet service providers, and other entities will track your IP address, behavior online, and other data; when you use a VPN, all of that emanates from their server, not your device, protecting your data and also making it more difficult to attack your device. The more servers you can log into — and Nord's got over 5,500 of them as of this writing — the more difficult a user is to track over time, as well. For international travelers, it's useful for accessing the home-based services you subscribe to when you're overseas.

Nord, which earned a rare "Outstanding" rating from PC Mag for its service, builds on that with other features, such as Double VPN, where you log into a second server for another layer of privacy. All traffic is secured with double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption, and Nord doesn't keep activity logs. Just log in, pick a server, and surf with confidence.

Why You Need Password Protection

As advanced as cybersecurity technology gets, there's no getting around the fact that any technology is at its weakest where humans and devices interact.

Passwords are a superb example of this: How many people do you know still have a password on a sticky note, or use their kid's birthday for it? At the same time, remembering secure passwords can be a challenge for even the most paranoid people among us.

NordPass is designed to take the pain out of not just passwords but auto-fill forms, credit cards, and any other private data that you regularly use.

To protect you, NordPass follows the latest in security practices and standards, including:

  • Zero-knowledge architecture: Only you know what you've got stored in there. NordPass only keeps proof you have the key to the vault, not the key itself, so only you can access your data.
  • XChaCha20 Encryption: Nord has chosen an encryption standard that's faster, simpler, and tougher than other encryption standards.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Requiring multiple forms of proof for your identity helps protect everything in your vault.
  • Regular Backup and Sync: Never lose data as your personal vault is carefully backed up and synced across all your devices.

Being Safer Online

Of course, there's more to online safety than just using the right software. Everyone should take the time to learn how social engineers get our passwords and otherwise abuse our trust, and we should be careful about what emails we open and what links we click. Yet we also can't be on red alert all the time; there are going to be days where we're tired, where our fingers outpace our brains, or when we just get fooled.

That's where good online security can step up and protect us. And at just $99.99, this two-year subscription will give you powerful tools and peace of mind.

Prices subject to change.

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