Golf has entered the 21st century in ways large and small over the last twenty years, but reasons you can't make a tee time remain eternal. Too much to do at home, lousy weather, or being pulled away by family means you can't always make a game. Fortunately, PhiGolf makes it easy to get a round in, anywhere you are, and it's just $190 when you use the coupon code GOLF10 at checkout.

Tee Time, Any Time

PhiGolf uses the popular app World Golf Tour (WGT) as its springboard. The WGT app uses 3D georeferencing technology to perfectly replicate courses across North America. The idea is that you can practice on the course itself, getting a sense of how it lays, before stepping onto it yourself. WGT is free to play, and it's easy to get together with friends, pick a course, and begin taking swings. All you need to do is mirror the app to a TV, using the included instructions, and get swinging.

The other piece of the equation is the included swing trainer. You've likely tried indoor trainers before, where the ball is caught by a net. Here, you simply insert the motion tracker into the handle, sync it to the app, and start playing.

The result is you playing on a real course, using your actual swing. It's perfect for getting a sense of a difficult hole at your favorite course, practicing a bit before you head to a new one, or using the included swing analyzer to practice. It's also easy to tuck in your luggage before a trip, or to pull out when you've got a free hour and want to chip a few balls without chasing them all over the yard. And at $190, with $59 off when you use the coupon code GOLF10, it costs a lot less than a missed tee time.

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