Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch! Well, sort of. It's coming to a smartwatch, anyways. Also, it's not really like the original game. You see, you can do everything you can in the regular Pokémon game...except actually catch Pokémon. You need your iPhone for that.

But still, yes, Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch. Niantic CEO John Hanke finally confirmed it in yesterday's Apple event.

Credits: Slash Gear

Pokémon GO for the Apple Watch is designed, as Project Manager Tatsuo Nomura said in his demo, to help you be "the very best." You can monitor your daily walk or run, and check how many calories you are burning — all while trying to hatch a Pokémon egg and passing by PokéStops to stock up on supplies. Just be sure you're quick enough to whip your iPhone out when an interesting Pokémon pops out. 

And then you can continue to walk (or run) to try and hatch that egg.

At the end of your set activity, a summary screen appears and it logs your total distance covered, calories burned, and items collected along the way.

Niantic is also working on bringing the similar experience to non-iOS wearables in the market with the Pokémon GO Plus, set to be out later this month.

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