Do you think dogs and cats can tell when their owners splurge on themselves? Our pets may or may not be perceptive enough to understand the clarion call of impulse buys, but they may gain some perspective after enjoying a new toy or two. And while a cheaply made squeak toy from Petco may put a smile on their face, there are some cool and glitzy gifts you can give your furry best friend that may improve the way they play, sleep, and even poop. Here are five great pet gifts worth panting over.

SaharaCase Silicone Dog Collar for Apple AirTag


Key Selling Point: A pet collar with 21st-century smarts.

Losing your car keys or wallet is annoying, but potentially losing your pet is downright terrifying. Is there anything more gut wrenching than seeing a lost cat sign out in the wild? Luckily, keeping track of even the most adventurous pets is easier than ever, using Apple AirTag technology. These handy trackers will keep tabs on your cat or dog after you slide one into this inspired collar. Its triple silicone material resists stretching and yellowing and will fit small to medium pets with necks from 8.2 to 15.5 inches in diameter. It’s even available in two colors and will resist even the most untamed claws.

Casper Dog Bed


Key Selling Point: The Cadillac of dog beds by mattress-king Casper. 

Podcast nation’s favorite mattress company wasn’t happy simply making beds for humans, and is now expanding its cozy reach to the animal kingdom. And if you can believe it, much of the engineering that goes into its human mattresses is present in the Casper Dog Bed too. Its pressure-relieving memory foam will make any dog or cat fall in love with it, and it will resist sinking, sagging, and slumping even after intense use. Best of all, the cover is machine washable, because even the stinkiest pets deserve a nice clean bed. It’s also fairly affordable and available in blue, gray, blue and eucalyptus-colored covers.

Pochette Luxury Waste Bag Holder


Key Selling Point: Turn heads and stun haters with this gorgeous and inspired way to hold doggie waste bags. 

There are humans that refuse to use the bathroom away from the home, but dogs simply aren’t that picky when it comes to where they poop. The park, a curb, and even the neighbor's yard aren’t safe when nature calls. And while picking up after your furry friend is a non-negotiable in a just society, walking around with a bag of poop isn’t something anyone’s eager to do. The Pochette may change all this, offering a way to fancy up this disgusting responsibility every dog owner must contend with. This bag made from ultra-luxurious grain leather carries your roll of doggie bags so you’re always ready whenever your dog does. Like any great fashion-forward accessory, it’s available in five gorgeous colors.

BARK Sandwich Cookie Dog Toy Dogo Dunkers


Key Selling Point: Adorable dog toys that are almost too cute to chomp.

One of the biggest injustices of the universe is that chocolate is basically poison to dogs. They can’t have an ounce of it, even on their birthday! What fun is a life of chasing cats, eating wet food, and pooping wherever you want if you can never know the joy of devouring a sleeve of Oreos at 3 a.m.? While these charming-looking dog toys don’t contain any chocolate, they may just help replicate a uniquely human joy. Two cookie toys stored in an adorable bag squeak when they’re chomped. Great for big doggos and little pupperinos alike.

BISSELL Spotbot Pet Portable Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner


Key Selling Point: Make pet messes a thing of the past with this low-profile spot cleaner.

Even the best “good boys” occasionally slip up and make a big no-no all over your pristine carpets. Luckily you won’t have to resort to the whole dark ages thing of “rubbing their nose in it” after you invest in a special stain-removing cleaner built with pet messes in mind. The BISSELL Spotbot treats and sucks up even tricky stains on carpets, making them look — and smell — like new again. While there are manual controls on the device, most messes will be taken care of automatically. Place it over the mistake, push a button, and let Spotbot do its magic.

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