Photoshop is so ubiquitous, and so good at subtly changing photos in the right hands, that Adobe is training computers to spot Photoshopped faces. That's just one piece of Adobe's Creative Cloud, however, which offers a suite for editing video, designing documents, creating visual effects, and much, much more. Learning how to use them can give your career a boost or open the door to an entirely new line of work, and this pay-what-you-want bundle is the perfect place to start.

The courses in this bundle are offered by Skill Success. Launched by Michael Shen in 2012, Skill Success aims to make software accessible to everyone, developing courses with experienced instructors highly rated by both students and peers. Each course offers both theory and practice, allowing you to learn both how the software works and why professionals use certain tools to do certain jobs. All you need to do is bring your own software, and you can begin upskilling in video editing, graphic design, user experience, and image editing.

So how does the discount work? With this bundle, you can pay whatever price want and get some of the bundle to begin exploring creativity in the cloud, perfect if you want to get started or are narrowly focused on a few programs for now. We also track the average price paid per customer, so if you pay more than the average, you'll unlock all the courses this bundle has to offer!

That's not all! Beating the top price will place you on the leaderboard, and you'll be entered for a chance to win our Incredible $5K Giveaway. If you top the leaderboard at any point, you get five entries!

Normally, this bundle of courses would cost up to $1,592, but the pay-what-you-want discount means you can save up to 99%.

Prices subject to change.

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