If we've learned anything in the last year-and-a-half, it's that our pets are more than simply our companions. They're part of our family. During the pandemic, they showered us with affection, comforted us when things felt hopeless, and motivated us to get up and play when we didn't even want to get out of bed. This is why it's no surprise that during the pandemic, pet owners began spending more on their pets than ever before. In fact, a recent survey of dog owners conducted by Rover concluded that 33-percent of millennials admitted to spending more than usual on their canines during the pandemic. However, quality pet care doesn't have to be outrageously priced. That's why you should know about Pawp: the first-of-its-kind online vet service which provides quality pet care for a fraction of the cost.


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Simply put, Pawp is an affordable alternative to pet insurance. For only $24 a month, Pawp protects up to 6 pets within a household at no extra cost regardless of their age, breed, location, or pre-existing conditions; You get access to licensed vets and pet professionals via text or video call around the clock (psst! No wait times nor appointments required) to answer any question regarding your pet’s health, behavior or nutrition; Plus, you get an annual $3,000 Emergency Fund that won’t make you choose between breaking the bank or saving your pet’s life. God forbid, let's say you caught your cat or dog chowing down on something they shouldn't have and they're acting a little lethargic. With Pawp, you don't have to turn to Dr. Google to figure out if they're going to be OK. All you have to do is log in to your account, click on “Talk To A Vet,” and within minutes you’ll get the opinion of an expert. All while never having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.

Even though data indicates that 60% of your pet's issues can be solved with telehealth, Pawp understands that sometimes emergencies are unavoidable. But when emergencies occur and an in-person visit is required, they won't financially devastate you. That’s because your subscription gives you access to Pawp's Emergency Fund. It covers one emergency vet bill a year up to $3,000 which you can use with any of your 6 pets, even if that emergency relates to a pre-existing condition. And because Pawp is not a pet insurance company, there’s no copay, deductible, or credit check. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay it back! Thanks to your Pawp membership, your emergency vet visit is paid before you leave the clinic and you can use your Emergency Fund at any vet in the U.S.


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Obviously, a Pawp membership is amazing because it gives you access to licensed veterinarians via an online vet service whenever necessary. Pawp is here for you over holidays, weekends, late nights, and any other time you need to speak with a vet. Knowing that you can check in with an expert about your furbaby's health whenever you need will keep any anxiety you have about your pet's health at bay. However, that's not all that comes with Pawp. When you sign up, you're also subscribing to expert behavioral and nutrition advice. So if your dog is terrible on a leash or your cat keeps pooping outside the litter box (WHY?!) You can consult with behavioral experts to not only improve the situation but also help you understand why it's happening.

If nothing is more important to you than giving your pet the best care possible at the best possible price, you need to check out Pawp. With it, you'll be choosing peace of mind without sacrificing the care of your furbaby. Thanks to their unique platform, you can feel secure knowing you can visit the vet as often as you need without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to become a member of the Pawp community and change not only your life, but your pet's life, for the better.

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