Ted Schilowitz, a well-known futurist and innovator, has joined the ranks at Paramount Pictures. Previously, Schilowitz worked as a consulting futurist for 20th Century Fox. He has helped the film industry to progress technologically and has contributed to shaping the vision for the future of film.

About the move to Paramount, Schilowitz said:

From immersive cinema to augmented reality and beyond, I’m excited to work with the Paramount and Viacom teams to discover and implement the latest technological advancements and create strategies that will enhance the audience’s experiences across Paramount’s movie, television, and interactive content.

As movies like Avatar and The Matrix have marked technological advancements in movie-making, it seems like we're on the verge of the next tech revolution in film. With continuing AI developments, new, futuristic robotics, and other such progress, movies are bound to change. And without guidance from an expert, major companies like Paramount might not be equipped to make the transition into this film future. As Paramount pointed out in their press release, their focus on weaving augmented and virtual reality into their films wouldn't be possible without the guidance of someone like Schilowitz.

No doubt with the support of such experts, movies of the future will be even more technologically savvy and spectacular. While advancements like "smell-o-rama" and 3D wowed audiences in the past, there's no telling what awe-inspiring entertainment lies ahead for us on the big screen.

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