Pretty soon, you’ll find Panasonic’s range of Hospi robots taking over the simple, but tedious tasks in hospitals. The robots are essentially medicine cabinets on wheels—capable of carrying and moving fragile medicine and equipment.

Panasonic Hospi Robot. Credit: Panasonic

The robot operates using a combination of cameras, WiFi, and pre-programmed maps so it can navigate efficiently around a hospital. It can even access elevators, as long as the elevators are outfitted with the appropriate hands-free components. To secure its contents, an ID security card system is used.

Grunt Work

According to Panasonic, this is the first time that robots have met the stringent safety standards of hospitals and are set to take over tasks such as delivering medicine and even washing patients' hair.

The machines have now been cleared for basic, personal care duties in Japan as well as some hospitals abroad. The Hospi robot has also undergone several trials in Singapore, but after receiving its new safety certification, you could see these machines roaming hospital hallways around the world.

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