Today, there are more high-quality cannabis products to choose from than ever. However, it can be hard to find dispensaries that carry everything you want. And even if you could find a place that carried everything, do you really want to leave the house? Of course not. You want to order your cannabis products online from the comfort of your couch and have them delivered right to your door, just like everything else. Luckily, thanks to a company called Emjay, cannabis delivery is now easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

The Legal Cannabis Marketplace

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When Californians took to the polls and voted to legalize recreational marijuana back in 2018, they instantly created the biggest cannabis market in the world. As a result, American marijuana companies raised an incredible $116.8 billion in capital in 2019, and experts predict the industry will generate $85 billion in sales by 2030.

The great thing about this meteoric expansion, from the consumer’s point of view, is that it creates a lot of opportunity for innovation. Today, companies aren’t just developing more new, safe, high-quality cannabis products. They’re also coming up with entirely new consumer-friendly business models aimed at streamlining the process of researching, buying, and delivering these products.

That brings us to Emjay.

Emjay Cannabis Delivery

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Emjay was founded with the goal of creating the best cannabis delivery service in the world. That means the biggest and best selection of high-quality products that are fully tested and verified for safety and compliance with the law. It means the fastest delivery times with highly trained professional couriers. It means prices that match or beat what you’ll get at your local dispensary, with total transparency and no markups. And best of all, it means free delivery.

Yep, you read that right. Free delivery.

On paper, all that sounds like a no brainer. Of course, you should want to give customers the best products at the best prices delivered by the most reliable couriers. In practice, pulling it off is pretty complicated. So how does Emjay do it? The secret is in their business model.

A lot of other cannabis delivery services work like DoorDash or Uber Eats. They don’t actually sell the products themselves. They’re just third party services that deliver products for dispensaries in exchange for a cut of the revenue. Unfortunately, this type of business model either force prices to go up or forces dispensaries to take a hit to their profits.

At Emjay, they took a different approach. They are a vertically integrated platform, which means they own their own infrastructure and vet, hire, and train their own drivers. That enables them to control every step of the buying and delivery process and offer a truly superior customer experience.

So if you’re looking for an easier way to buy cannabis, you need to give Emjay a try. They have all the products you want, from all the top brands, at the best possible prices. And they will get them to your door in an hour or less, with no charge for delivery.

Sign up today and see what they’re all about.

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