• The Airborg H6 1500 is a 1500mm enhanced endurance, extended payload hex (6) rotor UAV. This vehicle has 6 – 26” carbon fiber propellers, an estimated flying time of 2+ hours minimum, at a maximum velocity of 40 mph, with a maximum payload of 20 lbs, a maximum range of 100 miles, and can operate in wind/gust conditions up to 35 mph.
  • This UAV is equipped with TopFlight’s Advance Autopilot System that tunes and calibrates the propulsion system fuel system which includes a 5000W rated (6000W peak) hybrid engine, 3 gallon tank and 16,000 mAh LiPo battery.
  • The aircraft’s range is many times that of any quadcopter on the market—the most popular type of drone for its maneuverability. Almost all quadcopters run on batteries, and can fly for only about 40 minutes between charges with a payload weighing just a couple of kilograms. The new drone can also fly more than twice as far as a radio-controlled, gasoline-powered helicopter of similar size.

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