If you've read the title, then you're probably aware of an upcoming "film" circling an unlikely duo. The “movie” is called “The Rock x Siri: Dominate The Day,” and is actually an ad styled after the kind of crazy, possibly comedic action move Dwayne Johnson has become famous for. Like last year's extended commercial collaboration between Taylor Swift and Apple Music, this project is Apple plus celebrity mojo plus, this time around, Siri.

According to Johnson's Facebook post, the movie is the “dopest” and “funnest,” and Siri is the “greatest co-star of all time.” She certainly received top billing on the poster — no photo though. Check out the full "movie" here:

The “Dominate the Day” theme plays on Johnson’s unlikely all-talented persona — depicting him as a chef, fashion designer, fresco painter, jumbo-jet pilot, musician, and bonsai artist — all with the help of Siri's FaceTime-, iTunes-, and Lyft-integrated help. The idea is that you too can accomplish an unbelievable list of things with the help of Siri, even if you're not The Rock.

Dominating your actual day is optional.

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