AI-generated images can result in some pretty fantastic creations — but who knew it could create frighteningly uncanny pictures of cosmic horrors?

Users on the subreddit /r/MediaSynthesis, a community dedicated to synthetic images and art, have been posting a series of Cthulhu and other "cosmic demons" that were created using AI. 

Here’s "Rise of Cthulhu":

u/Mere-Thoughts via Reddit

"Cthulhu’s Garden":

u/w0nk0 via Reddit

"Cosmic Demon":

u/Mere-Thoughts via Reddit

Some have even gotten political such as "Trump fights cthulhu":

u/Tannon via Reddit

Elsewhere, users have even taken everyone’s favorite Elder God to church with "Cthulhu Mythos at the Last Supper":

@goob via NightCafe

Many of the images were created using NightCafe, an algorithm that allows you to turn words into AI-generated art. More specifically, the platform leverages a text-to-image art creation algorithm known as VQGAN+CLIP that allows you to transform normal words into surreal images. 

Still, it begs the question: Why does AI create such good images of Cthulhu? 

Well, it makes sense when you think about it. Lovecraftian monsters are typified by inconceivable colors, surreal visages, and non-Euclidean shapes. It would make sense that a AI and neural networks — which typically comes up with some very trippy images — can create something close to that. 

Of course, we wanted to try it out for ourselves. With that, we present the first Futurism original AI art, "Cthulhu Trick-or-Treating":

Starting price for the NFT is $1 million (that's how that works, right?).

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