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The internet is a big and often bad place, with plenty of content and information parents might not want kids to see. While many parents have already given up the fight in trying to stay ahead of their kids’ internet usage, others are fighting fire with fire and using technology to their advantage. And that's where Net Nanny comes in. The company's parental control products for iOS and Android make it easier than ever to monitor kids' online activity and keep them safe from bad actors and harmful content.

Net Nanny lets adults both monitor and filter internet usage on up to 20 devices, depending on which plan customers opt for (more on that in a bit). This means parents can get reports and alerts on what kids are doing online, but also restrict access to apps and sites on a customizable, personalized basis. Other parental control systems offer a simple list of blocked websites or apps, but Net Nanny has dynamic filter scans that actively analyze sites to determine whether they fit the specifications set for each individual user. This means that your 5-year-old and your 15-year-old won’t be subject to the same restrictions on online activity.

Net Nanny Parental Control for iOS, Android, and Kindle Devices


Net Nanny can detect inappropriate content in real time, and gives you the option to allow users to access it, block it entirely, or provide them with a warning, depending on what’s best for your household. With Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass plans, you can apply filters and monitoring to not only Windows and macOS computers, but also Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. If you want to protect five devices, the plan will cost you $54.99 a year – or about $11 per device. If you have a larger household and need to protect up to 20 different devices with Net Nanny, that plan will cost $89.99 per year – or less than five bucks per device. Then there’s the single desktop option, which will protect your Windows or Mac PC for the cost of $39.99 a year.

Other Net Nanny features including: parental controls, app blocking, a parent dashboard, screen time management, location tracking, alerts and activity reports, website blocking, dynamic content filtering, and a special “family feed.” You’ll also get Net Nanny’s powerful and customizable porn blocker.

Pay As Little As $5 Per Monitored Device Per Year

So if you want to protect your family from the worst that the Internet has to offer, head over to the official Net Nanny site and sign up now.

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