Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr / Futurism

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that the United States would have enough doses of the various coronavirus vaccines to inoculate every adult in the country by the end of May.

That's a significant improvement over Biden's previous prediction — that the US would secure enough vaccines by the end of July — which he made just last month, according to CNBC. It's some much-needed good news about the fight to finally end the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's also important to note that there's a difference between having enough vaccines for every adult in the US and actually administering all of them.

To that end, Biden added during his speech on Tuesday that the US needs to improve the logistics of its vaccine rollout plan, according to CNBC, and is particularly in need of more people who can actually administer the vaccines as well as more sites and locations at which they can do it.

Still, the vaccine rollout is still continuing along even faster than Biden's ambitious plan to vaccinate 100 million people during the first 100 days of his presidency. And, it goes without saying, even the original goal represents a massive improvement from how the vaccine rollout began during the Trump presidency.

Biden didn't speculate as to when all of those shots would actually be administered, though he did hazard a guess as to when the US might, at long last, declare the coronavirus pandemic behind it.

"I've been cautioned not to give an answer to that because we don't know for sure," Biden announced. "But my hope is by this time next year we're going to be back to normal."