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In 2018, health isn’t just a thing to maintain. It’s culturally ubiquitous—it’s a style, a way of life. It’s become something the mass market has zeroed in on, as “wellness” reaches levels that speak to the way one sees themselves with, say, the same kind of personal touch as fashion, or how we decorate our homes, or draw up a social media profile.

It’s how we present to ourselves and to the world. It’s knowing what we put in our bodies, and where it came from; it’s how many steps we took every day, and sleeping a little easier knowing we hit that 10K mark; it’s not just how much we sleep, but the exact amount of time, and the quality of that sleep. And we also know that true health isn’t just about your weight, or a BMI—which are literally just numbers. It’s about what those numbers mean to each and every individual.

But, that’s the thing: Somehow, despite science touching every other outlet for one’s personal health and wellness, one place it hasn’t necessarily been found? What we wear as we’re achieving wellness. Or what we can wear to achieve it. While fashion definitely caught up to the wellness movement in the form of athleisure wear, science hasn’t made any significant incursions into fashion and wellness. Sure, there have been some fabrics that can wick sweat well; or fabrics that are lighter, cooler, or more thermodynamic than the ones before them. But what about the clothing we wear when we’re not working out? When will science and technology break through to make us better through the clothing we wear when we’re not active? And how far off is that breakthrough?

For starters: It’s already here. It’s time to meet Re: Recovery Wear.

A new brand from the same team behind the Gravity Blanket, Re: Recovery Wear harnesses the power of FIR—or Far Infrared Radiation—to help your body recover while you rest. Lined with bio-ceramic printing that interact with your body’s natural heat, the brand’s premium silhouettes emit far infrared radiation into your body, using the technology to promote improved circulation, faster muscle recovery, and higher-quality sleep.

And yeah—sounds freaky (if not downright unhealthy) to put radiation into your body through washable clothing, right? It’s not. At all. Far from it. Far Infrared Radiation are healthy rays of light emitted by the sun—they’re vastly different from harmful Ultraviolet Rays. Think of them as the “good” version to UV Rays as their evil twin.

Far Infrared Rays are vehicles for all of the benefits of sunlight, without the health issues associated with exposure to UV light. The use of (and need for) FIR go back to our caveman days. And that, right there, is the problem: Unlike those caveman ancestors, we spend most of our days in 2018 indoors. We work in offices and co-working spaces—we socialize in bars and coffee shops. And when we do go outside, we lather up in enough SPF to brave a fallout zone, because we’ve become so (rightfully) conscious and cautious of UV rays. But this protectiveness also comes with a not-so-great upshot, which is: The natural exposure to the health benefits humans get from FIR has seen a massive, dramatic decline.

In the ‘60s, research and development in thermal technology started to yield various means of transmitting far infrared rays exclusive from ultraviolet rays. Early on, this technology proved to be especially beneficial as a physical rehabilitation tool, and since then, FIR has become a huge player in the treatment of sport injuries.

Most recently, the benefits of FIR have been made more accessible to the average consumer through spa treatment type wraps, sleeping and heating pads, saunas, and even fabrics.

While Re: isn’t the first brand to bring FIR-emitting apparel to the mass market, it is the only option to combine fashion and function. The loungewear line was created with design front-of-mind, and many of the architects behind Re: have history with some of the world’s most fashion-forward brands. Re: goes above and beyond great design, ensuring that each item is expertly tailored to look and feel good. In other words, these are more than pajamas, or ever smart pajamas. They’re a new standard for a foundational sexy piece in your wardrobe, and in your arsenal of wellness weapons—and the kind you’re going to want to show the world, as well.

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