Image by Wikimedia Commons

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, India's government announced Tuesday that it's about to enter a total state of lockdown for three full weeks.

Beginning on Wednesday, the country's roughly 1.37 billion citizens will be required to stay in their homes, according to the Associated Press. So far, India has confirmed 469 cases of COVID-19, but the government says that it's enacting a strong response now to prevent a massive future outbreak like those in Iran, Italy, or the United States.

"To save India and every Indian, there will be a total ban on venturing out," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday night. He later implored citizens to "remember that you will invite a grave pandemic-like coronavirus to your homes if you step out."

Missing from Modi's announcement, however, was specific information on how citizens might get food, medicine, and other essential supplies, according to the AP. He also didn't list any exemptions for doctors or anyone else who would be providing a vital service during the lockdown.

Modi did, however, announce a $2 billion package to boost the country's healthcare system. He also added that "all steps have been taken by central and state government to ensure supply of essential items."

For now, details are sparse on what life will look like for the Indian population. But finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that more information on what she's calling a comprehensive relief package will come along soon.