Our brains are master manipulators (Image Credit; BrainCraft)

Made abundantly clear by optical illusions like #TheDress, the human eye has a tendency to play tricks on us. In truth, our eyes aren't the problem; Rather, the blame should normally be placed squarely on the shoulders of the human mind, and the myriad ways it processes and interprets its surroundings.

We are far from truly understanding the brain and all of its functions, but for now, "don't believe everything you see" is good advice. What about our hearing though? Is it more or less fallible than our sight? As it turns out, visual trickery can actually influence what we hear—a phenomenon called the McGurk effect.

In a video from BrainCraft, 4 mind-bending audio illusions are demonstrated.

WATCH: "4 Weird Audio Illusions!"

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