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Nobody escapes aging. As early as your 20s, you may start to notice that it takes you longer to recover from a workout or a night of partying. In your 30s, you might see fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. In your 40s and 50s, you might notice a loss in muscle definition, greater lethargy, increased brain fog, and decreased libido.

Unfortunately, the reason we age has remained a stubborn riddle for scientists for years. We have all sorts of cosmetic skin creams, energy drinks, workouts, and diets that promise consumers a “magic bullet” that can stop aging in its tracks. But most of these products don’t work because they don’t address the reality that aging begins at the cellular level.

However, a team of California scientists called Neurohacker Collective wants to change all that with a brand new supplement designed to comprehensively address aging where it starts.

Meet Eternus.

Eternus Anti Cell Aging Supplement

Eternus doesn’t have one magic “fountain of youth” ingredient because aging doesn’t work that way. Instead, the company says it’s comprised of 38 separate ingredients with synergistic relationships to support every key aspect of cell energy. It’s the decrease in cell energy that backdrops virtually all symptoms we associate with aging.

The human body is what is known as a complex adaptive system. Its 37 trillion cells are in constant action and reaction to their internal and external environments. And each of those 37 trillion cells perform a series of functions critical to your overall health. So if an anti-aging product is going to work, it has to address dozens of aspects of cellular health all at once. That includes nourishing the body with a diversity of polyphenols, supporting NAD+ production, providing mitochondrial antioxidants, supplying ingredients for muscle performance and resilience, and supplying minerals often found in so-called “Blue Zones” where human life expectancy is highest.

Now, for the first time, the scientists at the Neurohacker Collective have created a supplement formula that they claim does all these things. The 38 heavily-researched ingredients each play a key role in addressing these hallmarks of an aging cell. And users report a noticeable increase in energy, vitality, and vigor within just a few days of taking it.

A month’s supply of Eternus comes with a 100-day money back guarantee. And because Futurism supports the work Neurohacker Collective is doing with complex systems science formulations, you can get an additional 15-percent off when you enter discount code FUTURISM at checkout.

Nobody can stop aging. But you can control how well you age. When it comes to nutritional supplements that help us age well, Eternus is at the cutting edge. Try it now.

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