1 April 2020
Sergio Souza via Unsplash

Watch These Coronavirus-Ignoring Idiots Having a Great Spring Break, Dooming Us

Spring Break forever.
by Foster Kamer / March 18 2020

With apologies to T.S. Eliot: This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a bro, on spring break.

The smooth-brained knuckle-dragging morons portrayed above are, writ large, our long national nightmare, and Great Americans, at least in the sense that they subscribe to a historic tradition, here: Nothing more than the bald-faced denial of basic and essential realities and complete and total nihilistic selfish solipsistic assclownery, in the middle of a national state of emergency, getting into a true “lituation” as the rest of us hunker down in our homes to help prevent the community spread of a disease currently wrecking havoc on global health care systems, economies, and — oh yeah — killing people, too.

Brady Sluder for President.

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