The German company Daimler revealed its Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck yesterday in Stuttgart. It is an all-electric truck with a total weight capacity of 26 tonnes (29 US tons), making it the first clean energy truck of this size.

Daimler has designed the truck for use in urban environments. The new vehicle is not designed for long trip as it has a maximum range of 200 kilometers (124 miles). Daimler is planning to employ the Fuso Canter E-Cell tech which is are already in use in light distribution trucks with a 6-tonne (about 7 tons) maximum capacity.

Image: Daimler Trucks


One advantage of having electric vehicles in urban areas, aside from emissions and environmental impact, is the reduced noise polution.

Daimler claims that they are not facing any tech hurdles in the production of the Urban eTruck. In fact, Daimler praises the progress of the drive component that powers the vehicle. Their problem is its cost-to-efficiency ratio. However, as battery prices are expected to drop, Daimler forsees their efficiency to increase at the same proportion.

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