Regardless of what commercials depicting men as gormless oafs say, there’s a big market of grooming products aimed at fellas looking their best. The usual suspects are there, from shampoo to shaving cream, but there are new innovations in grooming and skin health to allow you to reach untapped levels of handsome. Here’s a selection of the best men’s grooming products available right now.

Wolf Grooming I Wash Everything 3-in-1


Key Selling Point: Wash your hair and moisturize your skin with one product.

Wolf Grooming is a truly sustainable men’s brand, and all its offerings come free of sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and other yucky additives you don’t want anywhere near your grooming products. Its Wash Everything shampoo will revitalize your hair, but will also do double duty hydrating your skin. All while being vegan, cruelty-free, and manufactured to the latest sustainable standards.

Everyman Jack Men’s Beard Butter

Every Man

Key Selling Point: Rein in that beard with this moisturizing, plant-based formulation.

For folks who sport beards, things can go from “Henry Cavill at the Oscars” to “scraggly mountain man”  in a manner of a few days. Beard care shouldn’t be an afterthought, and with Every Man Jack Men’s Beard Butter, it doesn’t have to be. It’s made with plant-based ingredients that don’t require a chemistry degree to parse through, including shea butter, coconut oil, and wheat protein that help tame even the most unruly manes. Beard Butter relieves irritation and itching while keeping runaway hairs at bay. Plus, its sandalwood scene with a vanilla accent just plain smells amazing.

Wolf Project Hydrating Face Mask

Wolf Project

Key Selling Point: Bright up that mug with some dramatic bamboo charcoal.

Face masks aren’t just for women anymore. Wolf Project Hydrating Face Masks are great because they are truly one of the most effortless ways. Wearing these admittedly goofy masks helps feed your skin with an age-defying serum made from tea tree extract, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin B3. It applies easily to a freshly washed face and works its magic in as little as 15 minutes. Then simply peel off and enjoy the instant glow-up. Purchase a one-month supply once, or save by getting a monthly subscription. You do it for razors, why not do it for beautifying face masks?

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0


Key Selling Point: Take care down there with this premium groomer that provides increased visibility.

Grooming your sensitive areas can be more dangerous than a game of five-finger filet, and just as bloody. Using a traditional razor down there is downright foolhardy, especially in a post-manscaped world. The fourth iteration of its Lawn Mower is undoubtedly the best answer to intimate shaving for dudes. It’s wireless, waterproof, and now even comes with an LED spotlight for increased visibility. And like always, you can rest easy knowing this razor won’t nick you while you’re grooming. It operates for 90 minutes on a full charge, has an impressive matte black finish, and even qualifies as travel size.

3 Swords Germany Grooming Kit

3 Swords Germany

Key Selling Point: Take care of your feet and nails with the tools in this convenient kit.

Know a dude who’s a little more Grizzly Man than Don Draper? Instead of having an uncomfortable conversation about rough nails and feet, why not nab a full-blown grooming kit with everything they need to clean up well? Within this premium leather case are scissors, toenail clippers, a nose hair trimmer, comb, travel toothbrush, and more for optimum grooming on the go.

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